Was Your Arrest Lawful?

When making an arrest, police officers need to follow the rules of the law.  If they do not, the arrest is not legal and it puts the entire case into question.  How do you know if your arrest was legal or not?

Everything You Need to Know About Restraining Orders

You may have heard of restraining orders but do you know what they are and how they work? A restraining order is a court order designed to protect someone from harassment or danger from another person by keeping that person at a safe distance away or risk being arrested.  They are often taken out by victims of abuse who fear their abuser.

How to Find a Defense Attorney

Unless you’ve been arrested before, you probably don’t have a lawyer, at least not a criminal defense attorney.  If you’re arrested for a crime, where do you begin? The Yellow Pages? A little bird? The guy in the cell next to you?  Usually, finding a defense attorney is something you don’t think of until you’re arrested for a crime. So where do you look?

What If My Bail Is Denied?

If you’ve been arrested, you will be given the opportunity to be released on bail for the amount specified by a judge.  However, there are circumstances in which you will be denied the privilege to post bail and go home until your scheduled court case.

How Do You Know Your Bail Bondsman is Trustworthy

You get a phone call in the middle of the night.  You’re relieved to find out that nobody is hurt but it’s your brother and he has been arrested and is sitting in jail.  His one phone call was to you and he wants you to help him get out of jail by calling a bail bondsman. How do you know who to call?  Do you pick one out of the phone book? Do phone books even exist anymore?

Know Your Rights

If you’re like most people,  you go through life without any concern for being arrested.  And why should you? You’re a law-abiding citizen, not a criminal.  You pay your taxes, have a steady job, maybe you’re raising a family.  The last thing on your mind is getting arrested. The unfortunate fact is that many people…

Legal Terms You Should Know

Being arrested is something no one wants to experience.  You could find yourself in a New Port Richey jail with legal terms being thrown around that you’ve never heard or only have a vague idea of their meanings.  It can be a confusing time where decisions that can affect your future and your very freedom…

You’ve Been Arrested for DUI in Florida

You’ve Been Arrested for DUI in Florida.  Now What? No one should ever get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle if they’ve been drinking.  The stakes are much too high. If you’re lucky enough to not get hurt or hurt anyone else, you’ll be facing jail time, hefty fines, and a damaged driving record….