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A Managing General Agent (MGA), is an individual appointed by an insurer to manage and supervise the bail bonds business in Florida, as well as managing bail bond agents that are appointed with the insurer. The MGA assists both the insurer and agent with day to day operations of the bail bonds business.

Mercy Bail Bonds is a full service general (bail bond) agency, licensed and appointed in the
State Of Florida authorized to manage and supervise bail bond agents who are licensed and appointed by the insurer. At Mercy Bail Bonds, we are able to offer our agents a variety of services which help our agents grow their business, as well as reduce the risk of liability and claims to the insurance company. We are always interested in speaking with prospective bail bond agents, who are looking to take their business to the next level.


Having a MGA assigned to the bail bond agent is a valuable resource for both the agent and the insurer, whether you are a new licensee or a veteran of the bail bond business. At Mercy Bail Bonds, we can offer our agents a wide range of services including the following.

Large bond approval on qualified bonds Same day power inventory replacement and all additional legal forms Local assistance with apprehending bail bond forfeitures Transfer bonds State, and Federal (with approval) Same day approval for most underwriting contracts Competitive contract rates within the bail bonds industry Assistance with filing motions, and required court forms within the court system Assistance with marketing and advertising within local markets Any and all training required for bail bond agents to comply with Florida Statutes

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If you are interested in obtaining a MGA for your bail bonds agency, then we are excited to talk with you. We are always looking for agents that want to grow their business, and build long lasting relationships in the bail bonds industry. At Mercy Bail Bonds, we have long standing relationships, and outstanding reputations with our jails, sheriff’s offices, and the courts. If you are looking for a contract with no hassles, and no pressure, now is the time to consider an appointment and contract with Mercy Bail Bonds. We are committed to your success, and only want the best for our agents. You can start today with an application, or simply give us a call We are looking forward to hearing from you.
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