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Mercy Bail Bonds is a licensed Florida bail bond agency providing fast, reliable service to residents of Florida
 and other states. We Have years of experience helping families locate their loved ones and releasing them from
custody. We are available 24 hours a day, every day, to meet your needs. Whether you have an emergency or
legal concern, our representatives and bail bond specialists are here to help. At Mercy Bail Bonds, you will
 never have to worry about posting bail because we take care of everything. Our services include:

    State bonds
    Federal bonds
    Immigration bonds
    Immediate response
    Credit cards accepted
    Fast, friendly consultation
    Notary Public services
    24/7/365 personal access
    Local or nationwide service
    Flexible financing options
    Guaranteed confidentiality
    Bail by phone, fax, or email

Following an arrest, individuals facing charges must stay behind bars unless they “make bail,” or pay the amount
ordered by the court. Rather than waiting in a cell for days or weeks until trial,
 a bail bond allows the accused to be released from custody until the next hearing.
 Bail bonds guarantee that the person will appear on the next scheduled court date in exchange
 for being released from custody. Most people rely on licensed bail agencies to deal with the jail or
detention facility and expedite release. The responsibilities of bail bond agencies include:

    Locating the accused
    Arranging full payment
    Disclosing up-front costs
    Ensuring court appearance
    Explaining bond agreement
    Finding fugitive with warrant
    Preparing Nebbia requirements
    Collecting non-refundable service fee (premium)
    10% of state bond amount in Florida
    approximately 15% of federal bond amount
    20% in some immigration cases
    Safely holding collateral in trust
    Used to recover cost if cannot find fugitive
    Can be anything of value to ensure full payment
    Returned in full once case completed
    Can be property, car, bank account, or co-signor’s assets

Some cases require a “Nebbia proffer,” which is designed to show that the payment and collateral are
 derived from legitimate sources, not criminal activity. Bail bond agents analyze financial assets
and show the origin of the funds through documentary evidence. A Nebbia hearing may be necessary if
 the prosecutor does not accept the proffer. Bail bondsmen are the only means of ensuring that the
 source of payment remains confidential. Because handling multiple courts, jails, and officials can
get tricky, bond agencies must be well-versed in all aspects of the process.

Successfully Posting Bail

If you are detained or need to secure a loved one’s release, Mercy Bail Bonds can help.
 We are an established licensed agency providing prompt, professional service in Pasco County, throughout Florida,
 and nationwide. Our agents know that you have to get back to your family and return to work.
That is why we are dedicated to expediting your release and restoring your freedom.
Call (727) 856-7775 for a free consultation or contact us online.

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