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As an expert 24 Hour Bail Bond Company in Pasco County, we offer prime Bail Bonding services to those who wish to leave jail quickly and discretely. Our affordable rates, incredible results, and testimonies from people across Pasco County, and even the entire nation, speak for themselves.
No Pasco County Bail Bonding Company is as fast, professional, and service minded as Mercy Bail Bonds. With our company, getting your loved one out of jail is a cinch. Whatever the crime, tickets, theft, or something more serious, we have bonding agents ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jail is no place for someone you love to be. We’ve all heard the stories about how horrible it is being locked up.

Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, (727) 856-7775 for immediate action. Call and get one of the Pasco County Bail Bondsman of Mercy Bail Bonds working for you now.

I Need a Pasco County Bail Bondsman Now, What Do I Do ?

Call us at (727) 856-7775, or our Hudson office is a 24 hour location. Contact us at (727) 856-7775. Don’t wait any longer or try to deal with the Pasco County Court hassle, call now! We will be on your case and working at a high speed as soon as you hit the “call” button!

Mercy Bail Bonds Is a Leader – Experienced in the Pasco County Court Jail and Court Systems

Why Choose Mercy Bail Bonds?

Pasco County Bail Bondsman

When you call us, we will have a well-trained staff member working urgently on your case. We minimize paperwork and never throw away time. The cost you pay will just be a small percentage of the total bail bond amount, and any necessary Payment Plans are done swiftly and efficiently.

Through every single stepping stone, we will be there to offer all our services and lead our clients through the complicated legal system, which we make simple and easy to follow. Bureaucracy is a pain and we know exactly how to deal with it. Nothing is more important to us than your case! Call now to (727) 856-7775 to allow us to help you or a loved one; don’t waste any more time!

Our reputation precedes us; with thousands of happy customers, and the title of “the Best Pasco County Bail Bondsman,” you have nothing to worry about. Our team of experts must have been doing something right in order to earn that title in Pasco County.

Also Serving New Port Richey, Port Richey, Hudson, Dade City, Zephyrhills, Land O Lakes and All of Pasco County

Save a loved one from a night in jail with help from Mercy Bail Bonds in Pasco, Florida. We serve all jails and courts, offering bonds for any felony, or misdemeanor. While providing service to Families in need of a bail bond in Pasco County, We also offer notary public service.

Fast Service

Reach one of our Pasco County bail bondsmen by phone right now, 24/7. We’re always available and ready to ensure Fast service and a Quick Release. Collateral is not required on most cases.

Court Dates

The defendant is required to attend all hearings as ordered by the Court until the case is closed.
If there are multiple cases, which happens frequently, each case number might have separate dates.
It is the defendant’s responsibility to be aware of any scheduled court appearances,
and to notify the Clerk of the Courts and Mercy Bail Bonds of any address changes.

Affordable payment options for your convenience.

Unfortunately, many people who are arrested do not have the funds to secure their release.
Very few people, even with the assistance of family and friends, have the financial resources to post bail. This is where our bail agency can help. The fee paid to the bail bond agent is also known as a premium. By law in the State of Florida, the premium charge is 10% of the bail bond or $100 minimum per charge. A premium is a non-refundable fee for the service of paying the bail amount on the behalf of the accused. We also work to ensure that the defendant is present and on time at all mandatory court appearances, provide free arrest reports, up-to-date court information, and free notary services.

The Bonding Process

In Pasco County all new inmates are booked and processed at the Land O’ Lakes Detention Facility. Once the person is booked and Land O’ Lakes Detention Facility we are able to post the bond. When the Bail Bond is posted the defendant is released within 2-10 hours.

Pasco County does not offer a Self-Surrender program. But we can speed up the process by turning you in with your bond.

Beware any Bail Bond company offering this as it cannot be done in Pasco County.

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