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Mercy Bail Bonds is a full-service licensed bail bond agency serving the state of Florida and others.  Our experienced bond agents will get you out of jail quickly and discreetly so you can get on with your life.  Whether you or a loved needs to be bailed out of jail or you just have questions, our friendly staff is here to help.  We service state, federal, and immigration bonds and will get you out of jail as quickly as possible.

At Mercy Bail Bonds, we provide:

  • Fast, friendly, respectful service
  • Expert consultation
  • Availability 24/7
  • Local or nationwide service
  • Flexible financing options
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Bail by phone, fax, or email
  • Notary Public services
  • Credit cards accepted

Jail is no place for a loved one.  Following his arrest and booking, the court will determine if he is eligible for bail, which is an amount of money required for release for assurance that he will return for pending court dates or forfeit the bail to the court.  Unfortunately, most people can’t afford bail, which is where we come in.  For a 10% non-refundable premium, we’ll arrange for his release with the court, usually requiring some collateral or a promissory note.  As long as you make sure that your loved one shows up for all of his court appearances, any collateral will be returned after his case is closed.

At Mercy Bail Bonds, we know how overwhelming and confusing it is when you’ve been arrested.  Our professional bondsmen will clearly explain all of your options so that you can make the right decision for your case.  We will disclose any and all upfront costs, arrange your payment, walk you through the bond agreement, and guide you through the entire process so you know you’re making the right decision.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and this is why we treat them with respect and get them the help they need.  We’re prompt, professional, and discreet, and will get your loved one back to you, your family, and his job as quickly as we can.

Call our dedicated staff at (727) 856-7775 for a free consultation or if you have any questions.

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