At Mercy Bail Bonds, we truly care about our clients.  Getting out of jail is only the first step in getting your life back on track and living the life you should and giving your family the life you can.

Many people who find themselves in jail suffer from drug or alcohol dependency and/or mental health issues and just don’t know where to turn for help or where to begin their road to recovery.  We at Mercy Bail Bonds would like to help.  If you or a loved one needs help for substance abuse or mental health issues, there are people who can help that are just a phone call away.  If you call us, we can help put you in touch with someone who can guide you in getting the help you need.  Or if you prefer, call one of the numbers below.

In Pasco County:

Alcoholics Anonymous―(727)530-0415

Nar Anon―(800)477-6291

Narcotics Anonymous―(727)842-2433

In Pinellas County:

Alcoholics Anonymous―(727)530-0415

Narcotics Anonymous―(727)547-0444

Al Anon―(727)548-6811

In Hernando County:

Alcoholics Anonymous―(352)683-4597

Narcotics Anonymous―(352)754-7200

The Marchman and Baker Acts

If your loved one is unwilling to seek help for substance abuse services for him/herself, there is still something you can do.  The Marchman Act under Florida Statute gives people the ability to have their loved one involuntarily admitted to a detox facility in some circumstances.  While this is for alcohol and substance abuse, the Baker Act allows for involuntary admittance for people who are mentally ill and pose a threat to themselves and others.

The Sixth Circuit Adult Drug Treatment Court

This is a court-supervised, comprehensive drug treatment program which not only provides treatment for addiction but also promotes educational and vocational participation.  Successful completion of the program may result in a reduced sentence or dismissal of charges so you or your loved one can begin to get his or her life back in order.

Transitional Living

All too often, addicts have burned a lot of bridges and once they’ve been released from prison, they have no place to go even after they’ve become sober.  Returning to old environments leads to relapse, so it’s important to find a place to transition back into society with support and understanding.  Transitional Homes, also known as Sober Living, provide that support in a safe environment for those individuals who want to get their life back on track.  A comprehensive list can be found here:

Work Opportunities

Finding employment after an incarceration is difficult and failure can lead to falling back into old habits, but there are free community services that can help.  They provide GED(General Education Diploma) and TABE(Test of Adult Basic Education) testing, skills training, résumé building, job leads, college assistance, veterans’ services, federal bonding, free clothes for interviews, along with many other helpful services.

Remember, you are not alone.  Help is always available.

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