Test Your Bail Bonds Knowledge: Fact or Fiction?

You may think you know everything you need to know about bail bonds but do you really?  Take our quiz and find out!

Bail Bonds are allowed in every state.

Fiction.  States like Kentucky, Oregon, Maine, Nebraska, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin do not allow commercial bail bonds. 

Bail Bonds reduce prison overcrowding.

Fact.  Not only does it help keep people out of jail while they await their trial, it can also keep some from going to prison at all.  It certainly keeps those people who are found innocent from spending any time in jail, but often crimes can be pleaded down to a fine and probation with no jail time.

It’s better to pay the bail without a bond if you can afford it.

Fiction.  There are several reasons why it’s better to use a bail bondsman instead of paying cash.  

  • It could decrease your ability to qualify for a public defender.  
  • When your trial is over, any fines or fees will be taken from your bail before it is returned to you.
  • It could tie up money you may need for your family.  
  • Once you pay bail directly to the court, it becomes public record.  Going through a bail bond agent can keep that private.

Bail has been around since medieval times.

Fact!  It began in England between 410-1066 as a way for people to settle their disputes peacefully by showing they had the means of paying fines when accused of a crime.  The first U.S. bail bondsman, Peter P. McDonough, set up shop in San Francisco in 1898.

A bail bond is a loan.

Fact.  You pay a non-refundable premium of 10% of the bail amount and the bail bond agent puts up the rest so bail can be paid and you can be released from jail.  If you don’t show up for your court dates, you’ll lose the full amount of the bail.

You are not guaranteed to be offered bail.

Fact.  It’s entirely up to a judge whether or not you will be allowed to be out on bail.  If the crime was particularly serious or violent, you have a long criminal history, you pose a threat to society, or you are considered a flight risk, the judge may deny bail.  

To get your bail or collateral back, you only have to show up for your court dates.

Fiction.  You cannot commit other crimes while out on bail and you are typically told you can’t hang around with known criminals.  There are often other conditions of release as well such as participating in a drug or alcohol treatment program.

Bail bond agents cannot negotiate a lower bail amount for you.

Fact.  Bail bond agents come into play after bail has been set and give you a way of affording the bail that the court, and only the court, decided on.

Mercy Bail Bonds will get you out of jail quickly and discreetly so you can be back home as soon as possible.  

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