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Bail Hearings Explained

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A bail hearing is essentially a court date involving a defendant that has been accused of a crime, their representation, a judge, and a prosecutor. The purpose of these hearings is to determine whether or not a defendant is allowed to go free on bail and, if so, for what amount. Bail money is insurance…

How to Effectively Prepare for and Behave at a Bail Hearing

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When a person is accused of a crime, one of the first legal proceedings that they will participate in is a bail hearing. During this process, the defendant will appear before a judge accompanied by their attorney and argue to be allowed out of custody on bail. The impression that a defendant leaves on a…

What Happens When You Skip a Bail?

What Happens When You Skip a Bail? When you get arrested, you have the chance to be bailed out of jail. Bail is the amount of money a person charged for a crime must post to be released from jail until their trial. It is not a fine and is not supposed to be used…

Helpful Steps To Take After Being Arrested

Being arrested can be one of the most stressful things you may experience which is why it’s best to know what to do to first to avoid any mistakes or making more trouble. Making sure you make the right steps can help in making the arrest process as smooth as possible.

Common Bail Bond Mistakes

Bail bonds can help you or a loved one get out of jail fast! During this challenging time, it can be easy to make some mistakes especially when you are in urgent need of services.

What to Do If You Have an Outstanding Warrant

If you think you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest, then you need to act fast. If you do not, you will most likely find yourself in jail. Unfortunately, the warrant will not go away simply because you want it to. You could find yourself being arrested at work, home, or during a routine traffic stop, as well as in front of your children or parents. This is the last thing you want to happen. To prevent this from occurring, here are three things you need to do now. 

How is Your Privacy Protected?

Most people do not want anyone to know if they have been arrested. Let’s face it, it is embarrassing, and in some instances, could ruin your reputation. Therefore, you most likely want to keep it on the down low since it could affect your career and personal life. 

Questions to Ask A Bond Company

While it may not be something you would ever think you need to do, there may be a time where you may need to reach out to a bail bond company to help you or a loved one. Much like an attorney, there are several different bond companies, and it can be very important to choose the right company for your specific needs! Here are some questions that you can ask to help you understand which bond company will be best for you:

Active Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant is issued by a judge which authorizes the arrest and detention of an individual or the search and seizure of an individual’s property. Arrest warrants serve the purpose of protecting people from unlawful arrests under the Fourth Amendment. It gives notice to the person being arrested about the charges pressed against them. 

Why the Right To Remain Silent Is Best

When you are arrested, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to keep quiet until you are represented by an attorney. It is important to remember that if you are arrested, you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney but these rights only protect you if you choose to use them.