Questions to Ask A Bond Company

While it may not be something you would ever think you need to do, there may be a time where you may need to reach out to a bail bond company to help you or a loved one. Much like an attorney, there are several different bond companies, and it can be very important to choose the right company for your specific needs! Here are some questions that you can ask to help you understand which bond company will be best for you:

How Much Do You Charge?

The rate that a company will charge will be legally mandated from state to state. Most bondsmen will charge a “premium” which is typically 10% of the bond amount. In federal cases, the bail premium is 15% of the bond amount. Keep this in mind and remember to be cautious of any company who may seem to offer lower rates because it could mean that they are operating illegally and may not be a reputable company.

How Is A Bail Bond Amount Determined?

The amount of bail that the court sets is based first on a bail schedule, which is a list of typical bail amounts for each crime. The court will look at the nature of the crime, the defendant’s criminal history, the severity of the crime and the likelihood that they will show up for court appearances. After the court has taken these and several other factors into consideration, a bail amount will be set.

How Quickly Will You Be Able to Get a Person Released?

Bail companies are only able to control paperwork and the part of the release process that they take part in, and the majority of bondsmen will have a pretty accurate time frame as to when a person will be released from jail. This process can be unpredictable but if there are no major issues, typical release time can be within 2-6 hours.

Where is the bond company located?

If you choose to work with a bond company that is not located in the state where you live, it might cost more money because they will require a posting fee, a fee that a bondsman may need to pay another to post bail for you. To avoid any additional cost and to expedite the process, make sure that you find a guarantor that’s within a distance that’s reasonable from the jail that is holding the person.

Is the Company Licensed?

Bail bondsmen are required to be licensed and bonded by the state. You’ll want to make sure that you are dealing with companies that have valid and current licenses so it’s best to ask to see the license and identification of the bail agent before giving them money and completing your transaction.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mercy Bail Bonds at (727)856-7775. Our phone is always answered by a licensed bail bondsman who can answer any additional questions and guide you through the bail bond process!