What Happens When You Skip a Bail?

What Happens When You Skip a Bail?

When you get arrested, you have the chance to be bailed out of jail. Bail is the amount of money a person charged for a crime must post to be released from jail until their trial. It is not a fine and is not supposed to be used as a punishment. The purpose is to make sure the defendant will show up for trial and every pre-trial hearing they are required to attend. Once trial is over, bail is returned to the defendant. 

What Are the Consequences of Skipping Bail?

When someone decides they do not want to show up for a required court date, they are skipping bail. So, what happens when someone does skip bail? Continue reading to find out. 

  •     An Arrest Warrant is Issued

When you skip bail, an arrest warrant will be issued in your name. The court will order law enforcement to arrest you right away, wherever you are, and present you before the court. 

  •     Serve a Penalty

If you decide to skip bail, you will be served a penalty. The court will require you to forfeit your assets or the money you secured as bail. As a result, this can cause financial damage as per the bail amount or the type of felony. 

  •     Additional Criminal Charges

When skipping bail, you are also putting yourself at risk for additional charges being added to the already existing charges you have against you. As a result, even more financial damages will occur because you will have to pay a certain amount in fines. 

  •     Owe Your Bail Bondsman the Money Paid for Bail

When you hire a bail bondsman to help post your bail, he is at risk for losing money if you skip bail. So, if you decide to skip bail, do not think your bondsman won’t come after you for his money. You should expect to be charged the full amount paid for your release. You will also not get back the fee you paid your bondsman for their services. One more thing, your bondsman may decide to send a bounty hunter after you, as well.

  •     End Up Back in Jail with No Bail Option

When an arrest warrant is issued, law enforcement will find you and arrest you, sending you back to jail. Now the biggest problem you will face is the fact you will be stuck in jail for skipping bail. Courts are not typically generous and will not offer those who skipped bail the option of bail again. 

  •     Living With Criminal Charges

Ask yourself this: do you really want to have criminal charges under your name? Wouldn’t you rather get rid of them quickly? Skipping bail is a sure way of guaranteeing the slow progress of your court sessions, and in turn, delay justice. So, keep in mind, it is always better to show up for all your court dates. 


Forgetting a court date can be easy, especially if you are living your normal day-to-day life while out on bail. However, it is very important to remember these dates. If you do not want to experience all the consequences that go along with skipping bail, then don’t. It’s as simple as that. 

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