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5 Things to Remember While Out on Bail

5 Things to Remember While Out on Bail If you qualified for bail after being arrested and successfully posted bail either individually or through a bonding company, there are some things you need to remember. There are certain requirements set that you must follow exactly. Additionally, there are also some best practices you should follow…

The Most Common Crimes That Land You in Jail

While it’s usually easy to tell right from wrong, not all people understand that their actions can land them right behind bars. Whether you are complicit or not it’s important to understand the consequences for the following and whether you can be granted bail afterward or not. 

5 Reasons Why Bail Might Be Denied

When you or a loved one is sitting in jail trying to figure out what is going to happen next, a judge is reviewing your case and deciding on whether or not bail should be allowed. There are five reasons that a judge could possibly deny you or your loved one bail.