5 Things to Remember While Out on Bail

5 Things to Remember While Out on Bail

If you qualified for bail after being arrested and successfully posted bail either individually or through a bonding company, there are some things you need to remember. There are certain requirements set that you must follow exactly. Additionally, there are also some best practices you should follow while freely awaiting court dates.

  1. Go Back to Work

Once you have been released, if you are still employed you should return to work. Working and being a model employee while out on bail shows that you are responsible and a positively contributing member to society. Show up to work on time and strive to perform what is expected of you. If you have been terminated from your job as a result of the arrest, look for employment elsewhere. Job training programs are available to assist you in looking for a suitable job. Ultimately, working a job while out on bail will work in your favor.

  1. Attend Court Dates

Attending court dates is an absolute necessity while on bail. If you fail to attend court dates you are likely violating the agreement with the court and bonding company.  This may lead to a warrant for your arrest, increased bail amount, or forfeiting your bail altogether. In order to help you remember your court date, write it down, set a reminder in your phone, and tell a trusted loved one the dates so they can help hold you accountable. Additionally, be sure to dress appropriately for court, be on time, be respectful, and honest.

  1. Avoid Illegal Activity

While this may seem obvious, it is possible to be arrested again while out on bail. Be sure to disassociate with anyone who may be involved in criminal activity. It is crucial that you are not arrested again because this can lead to your bail being revoked, more jail time, and additional charges. Work to become an upstanding citizen and avoid illegal activity.

  1. Communicate with Bail Company 

Communication between you, the bail company you chose, and bondman is important. Notify them of any changes to your contact information such as a phone number or address. Additionally, you may need to check in with them in person or by phone. Be sure to follow up if you have missed a call and follow the agreements you have made with the bonding company. Reach out to the company with any questions regarding your case, court dates, or bail conditions.

  1. Cancel Travel Plans

Usually, travel is restricted while you are out on bail. The specifics of where you can and cannot travel will be indicated in the conditions of your release. The court and bonding company need to ensure that you are not a flight risk and that you will attend scheduled court dates. Pay special attention to travel restrictions and be sure to follow them exactly.

Final Thoughts

If you were fortunate enough to be released on bail this is an opportunity to show that you can be responsible and make wise choices. Working a job, attending court dates, communicating with the bail company, and staying in town are all things to remember when you are out on bail. Mercy Bail Bonds is available to help you follow bail conditions until your trial is over. Be sure to reach out at (727) 856-7776 and speak with our dedicated staff members if you have any questions about what you need to remember while out on bail.