The Most Common Crimes That Land You in Jail

While it’s usually easy to tell right from wrong, not all people understand that their actions can land them right behind bars. Whether you are complicit or not it’s important to understand the consequences for the following and whether you can be granted bail afterward or not. 

Disorderly Conduct

One of the most confusing ones is called disorderly conduct. This comes about when you inconvenience or aggravate someone or their property with intent. Most of the time you will get a warning about this kind of behavior unless you completely disregard the officer. Then you are likely to be arrested. 

This can include provoking fights or screaming/threatening another person. It also may be disturbing the peace if you are particularly loud in a public area or inconveniencing your neighbors with loud music. Again, a warning is most likely unless you have prior warnings or a history of repeated offenses. 


Drugs is a little more clear in the sense that you can be arrested fairly quickly if caught with possession and certainly if you are selling. Different drugs have different consequences just like the amount of drugs can also really make a difference in what kind of penalty or arrest you will be facing. 


Stealing certainly makes its way on the list but there are different kinds of thefts that are broken into categories. For instance, a felony is not the same as Grand Theft Auto. If you steal under a certain amount you may just face a fine. The worse the theft is in terms of value the more likely your jail time is going to be raised. 


Driving under the influence is unfortunately one of the most common laws that get broken. This is not only a hazard to yourself but a hazard to anyone that is around during the time that you are operating a vehicle. The punishment increases significantly if you hurt someone while under the influence while operating a vehicle. 

However, if you just get pulled over, depending on the amount of drugs in your system will also dictate the result. Nonetheless, this is something you certainly can go to jail for and expect to lose your license. 

What Do You Do If Any Occur?

If you are being arrested for any of the following make sure that the first thing you do is find an attorney. You may need to enlist help from someone like a family member or a close friend to do the work for you. Then your family member or friend/attorney can see if bail has been set. From here you can reach out to a bail bonds company to assist you with this process.