Get It Right with Federal Bail Bonds


If you are in a panic searching for someone to write you a Federal Bail Bond then you’re likely calling up multiple companies. Don’t. Federal Bail Bonds are more complicated than State Bonds on several different levels. Hiring the wrong person could get you in more trouble than you already are accused of. Hiring the right company, however, can help relieve you and your family of the stress that comes with not being able to afford the granted bail.

Here at Mercy Bail Bonds not only can we write you a Federal Bail Bond but we want you to know what to expect during the process. We proudly serve out of Hudson, Florida, and handle parts of Pasco County Florida. 

What to Expect with Federal Bail Bonds

Federal Bail bonds become significantly more complicated than a state bond because the price is a lot higher depending on the offense. It can also take quite some time for you or your loved one to be released when the local bail agent arrives. In lucky situations, it can be hours and in others, it can take weeks if the bail bond is written incorrectly. 

Here is what you can expect from the bond. 

Defendant’s Money Owed

The defendant will be required to pay 15% of the bail amount. Then to help cover the rest of the bond we will require collateral damage worth 150% of the bail amount. This is likely to be personal property like the equity you have in your house.

Agreements and conditions are set where the defendant will maintain a low profile so he or she does not end up back in jail. The conditions may include no travel, drug testing, house arrest, and more depending on the severity of the offense.


Often the Federal Court District who determined the bail amount will also issue what is referred to as a Nebbia. This is one of the more complicated parts that we handle at Mercy Bail Bonds. This will require proof that your funds to grant bail came from a legal source and not illegal money. Error in paperwork can easily hold this part of the process up. 

Who Should Write Them

Having a licensed bondsman is the first and most important step when finding an agent to bail your loved one out. If you work with an inexperienced agent they may tell you that your house is enough collateral to help get your loved one out. But it is not the value of your home that it is important. It is how much equity is in the home that matters. This is one of the many details that your bail agent has to be confident in. 

This is why when you contact us a Mercy Bail Bonds we pair you up with a professional and licensed agent that has background and experience. There is nothing worse than continually going through trial and error landing the accused back in jail. Get it right the first time by calling Mercy Bail Bonds at (727) 856-7775.