Do’s & Don’ts While Out on Bail

If you or family member ever find yourself in the situation where you are out on a bail, there are some things to avoid and some things to consider to be sure that you remain out of jail until your final court date.

Maintain A Job

Continuing to work or actively searching for employment can be a sign of trust to the courts and to a bail bondman because it shows that you may be less likely to flee the state or country before your court date. Working can also help you to keep busy and entertained – reducing your chances of getting into additional trouble and helping keep your mind off of the stress of your upcoming trial.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Any form of illegal activity should be avoided while out on bail to reduce your chances of being arrested again and this means any illegal drugs and unnecessary usage of alcohol. Being under the influence can cloud your judgment and can greatly increase the likelihood of doing something wrong. Breaking the law in any way can lead to being arrested again and then your bail can be revoked or increased and you may be responsible for paying back the entire portion of your bond loan – costing you more money.

Minimize Travel

It’s possible that the judge may order you to remain within a certain area during the time that you are out on bail. If that is the case, it is important to follow these instructions and if for some reason you do need to leave the state or country, it is best to discuss this with your bondsman first to avoid being in any further trouble. Make sure to discuss with them where you are going, why and for how long so that they will have assurances of your return.

Do Not Skip Court Appointments

While out on bail you will still be required to attend any and all court appearances and failure to do so can mean big trouble for you. If you do not attend , your bail can be revoked, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and you will remain in jail until the final court date. It is very important to attend all hearings and court dates and your bondsman can help you with regular reminders so that you can be certain you do not miss a date!

Bail can be a useful tool because it allows a person to remain out of jail, in the comfort of their own home with their friends and family around to support them through this tough time. Avoiding these helpful tips while out on bail can help to ensure that you remain safe surrounded by your friends and family and can help to avoid any additional jail time.

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