Communication Is Key: Speaking to your Family


Family is a wonderful thing. Built up of people who are related to you, forever friends, and anyone else you love, true family is a group of people who you can always count on. Even after something unprecedented happens, something that you worry will make people think differently about you, your family will be there, in fact, they likely helped post bail or get a bond for you. It is important to remember that your family wants to check up on you and hear how you’re doing, and they will also value when you reciprocate these sentiments.

Family Talks

Having good conversations with your family is a great way to build better relationships and strengthen those that are already good. Being able to express your feelings to your family members and showing them that they can do the same will make it possible to tackle the tough subject of bail and arrests and how this is going to affect you all in the future. Difficult discussions sometimes seem impossible to face and this is increased by the fact that talks about your arrest and bail will be directly about something very personal to you. However, a lot can come from these talks, you can begin to understand what your family thinks and what you can do to support them as well as what they can do to support you.

Loved Ones Understand

Even after an arrest, you can count on your loved ones to be understanding after they have processed the situation. While they may come off being angry or cold, they are almost always just worried about you and everything that is going on in the moment. Be patient as it is a difficult time for everyone involved. This being said, it is a great idea to talk with your loved ones about strategies for finding help and locating work during your time on bail- they will be happy to see you trying to better yourself and take responsibility for your actions.

Things to Remember

Facing an arrest and the legal proceedings that come after can be scary, but you are supported and loved by a network of people. Remembering that you are cared for is a great way to combat the isolation you may feel, because you aren’t alone in this. Remember that an arrest is not the end of the world and being out on bail can be a great time to refresh your life and enter into the right side of the law again. If you need help doing this, your family will be glad to support your endeavors, and there are many community groups available by a quick search on google that will be happy to help you in preparing for your court appearance and growing as a person and member of the community.

Final Thoughts

We build families everywhere we go, not just out of people who are related to us. These people are close to you for a reason, and they will support and love you no matter what. Always be sure to be open and honest with them and check up on their well-being as well. Keeping connected with people that love you will make this process bearable, and you will enter your court date as a prepared and confident defendant.