Common Myths About Bail Bondsmen


Whether you, a loved one, or a friend has been arrested, it is important to hire a bondsman. A bondsman will put up a bond or will personally guarantee an individual will show up on their scheduled court date. A bondsman will file the required legal documents, finance the bail, and conduct other related legal matters so jail time is a short stay. However, like many other professions, bail bondsmen do get a bad rap. There are many myths and misconceptions that go along with the work of bail bondsmen, including the following.

Myth #1: Bail bondsmen don’t care about their clients

Bail bondsmen do in fact care about their clients. They will do everything they can in order to help them get out of jail as fast as possible. Therefore, if something were to happen while an individual was out on bail, the bail bondsman should be the first person to call.

Myth #2: Bail bondsmen charge more fees or unexpected fees

This myth is completely false. Bail bondsmen do not charge their clients further fees or unexpected extra fees. Once the defendant attends all of their required court dates and there are no other issues such as forfeitures or bond reinstatements, then there are no other fees charged.

Myth #3: The bail bond industry is not regulated

The media can depict the bail bond industry as shady and cause people to believe that it is not controlled. However, that is not the case. Bail bondsmen and companies are required to follow state and federal regulations. They must be properly licensed and must meet a certain age, education, and training requirements prior to offering bonds.

Myth #4: Bail bondsmen can negotiate bail costs

It is an unfortunate fact that bail bondsmen cannot negotiate a lower bail amount. The bail amount is determined by the judge’s decision, how severe the crime is, and other legal considerations. It is uncommon for a judge to lower bail once it is set, so there is no negotiating.

Myth #5: Bail bondsmen handle shady deals

Bail bondsmen are often seen as the bad guys in films who raid homes and defraud their victims. However, in reality, that is completely different. Bail bondsmen are a crucial part of the justice system. They help defendants who are unable to pay their bail and also save money and time for people who work in law enforcement.

Myth #6: If you don’t have cash, you’re out of luck

Cash isn’t the only way to pay a bail bondsman. When it is time to pay the bondsman, he or she will accept a form of collateral through the use of your assets. Be sure to remember that the defendant or their family member will have to pay a percentage of the total bill.

Myth #7: Anyone can get out of jail with the right bail bonds service

Bail may not be an option depending on the type of crime that was committed. A bail bonds company is unable to help until a judge decides that bail is an option. Once the bail is determined, a bail bondsman will do what he or she can so the defendant can be out of jail for the duration of the trial.

Myth #8: A bounty hunter is the same as a bail bondsman

A bounty hunter and a bail bondsman are two completely separate professions and individuals. One some rare occasions, a bail bondsman my consult a bounty hunter in order to find a defendant who has skipped out on bail.

These are just a few of the myths that are floating around about bail bondsmen. Bail bondsmen care deeply about their clients and the staff at Mercy Bail Bonds are no exception. We understand the stress and anxiety that can be experienced while you or a loved one sits in jail waiting to get out. Call us today at (727) 856-7775 so we can help ease that stress and anxiety. We always answer.