Facts About Bail Bonds

Facts About Bail Bonds


When you find out that someone you know gets arrested, one of the first things on your mind might be how you can get them out of jail fast. There is only one way to get someone out of jail legally and that is through posting bail. The amount of bail is decided by a judge and can be expensive, even for a small offense. This is where Mercy Bail Bonds can be helpful in getting your loved one out on bail. 


Who Are Bail Bondsmen?


A bail bondsman is an authorized professional who speaks with jails and courts to ensure their customers are released. For instance, bondsmen will charge around ten percent of the bail amount and whatever additional expenses are acquired. As soon as your loved one is released, the bondsman is responsible if your loved one does not show up for their court date. If he or she decides to leave town or not attend their court date, the bondsman will send a bounty hunter to find them, detain them, and send them back to jail. 


How Does It Work?


When an individual is arrested, he or she is taken in, booked, fingerprinted, and photographed for a mug shot. As soon as this is completed, the individual can arrange for release. For example, if the cost of bail is $7,000, the bondsman will charge about $700 and any additional fees they charge for their services. Once they are paid, the bondsman will deliver the bail bond to the jail and get the arrested individual. A meeting is then set up with the person who paid for bail amount, the arrested individual, and the bondsman. During this meeting, expectations will be discussed, and no other fees will be assessed if your loved one attends their court dates. 


Why Only Ten Percent?


Ten percent is the acceptable minimum amount for bonds companies to charge according to the law. You have two options. You can either pay the amount of the bail in full and not deal with a bondsman, or hire a bail bondsman; however, paying in full is usually a large amount. If your loved one does not show up to court, you are responsible for them and you lose your payment. On the other hand, if they do show up then you will receive your money entirely. Bail bond companies take risks by putting up the entire amount for their customers, and if their customers show up in court, they will earn ten percent from them. Customers who do not show up cause these companies to lose a large sum of money; therefore, they hire a bounty hunter to find them and ensure they get that money back. 


What Happens If I Can’t Pay the Ten Percent?


There are some bail bond companies who offer the alternative of financing the ten percent fee. They typically have an office that includes professionals who are very knowledgeable in finance. This team works with you to create the right payment plan for both parties. Therefore, if you are tight on money, you do not have to stress and can still get your loved one out of jail. 


It can be a very overwhelming and stressful time when you find out someone you love is in jail. There’s no need to go through this alone. Do not be afraid to reach out for help. Mercy Bail Bonds is here to help you and your loved one and provide the assistance you need. Call us today at (727) 856-7775 so we can talk you through the bail bond process and the steps that come after. We are here to help!