Out of State Bonds


You never want to hear that a loved one or friend has been arrested. You become worried, anxious, and fearful, and will have a million questions running through your head. You start wondering what you will need to do to help get them out of jail as fast as you can. It is bad enough if your loved one or friend is arrested in your town or state, but if they have been arrested out of state, it can be even more overwhelming. Not only are they far away, but you may not know what to do or who to turn to for help. The following are some tips on what you need to do in order to help them get out of jail on bail.

Understand the Bail Process in the State

Different states have different methods for bail, and some may even have different bail amounts. If you plan on bailing out your loved one or friend, you need to research the requirements where he or she has been arrested. This process can be long and tedious, especially if you try to do this on your own. It can be difficult to find the information you are looking for; therefore, hiring a bail bondsman is your best option.

The best thing to do is to get in touch with a bail bondsman in your area instead of one located in the other state where your loved one or friend is incarcerated. This may not make sense, but it is simply because many bail bond companies are cautious when it comes to working with out of state clients. They are afraid that out of state defendants won’t show up for the court hearings.

Bail bondsman do not want to deal with individuals who do not show up for their proceedings. They are responsible for the full amount of the bail bond and, therefore, could lose a significant amount of money if the defendant does not show up. A lot of the time, bail bondsman from another state will not want to work with someone directly. Instead, they would rather work with a bondsman who works in your area. Some exceptions may apply, such as defendants who are a low flight risk and those who do not have an extensive criminal background.

Working with a bail bondsman in your area is the best option because it can speed up the process. They will also better understand the ins and outs of the laws in the other state. The bondsman can either finalize the release of your loved one or friend themselves, or they can use a transfer bond that allows them to work with another bondsman from the state the arrest occurred.

Pay Attention to the Conditions

When your loved one or friend is released from jail on bail or with a bond, he or she will need to show up to court hearings on their scheduled dates and times. If they are out of state, it can mean that they have to stay in the state during their case. However, there may be other times where provisions are made, and they are allowed to return to another state. It is important to remember that before doing anything or going anywhere, you will need to hire an attorney who will be able to explain exactly what needs to be done. If a defendant is out on bail and decides to drive or fly to their home state without retaining an attorney or doing anything about the charges, then a bench warrant will most likely be issued for their arrest.

When your loved one or friend is incarcerated, it can be overwhelming when you try to figure out what to do. It is especially anxiety ridden when he or she is incarcerated out of state. Finding a local bail bondsman can help ease that worry and anxiety. The staff at Mercy Bail Bonds will get you the help you need to get your loved one or friend out of jail. Contact us today at (727) 856-7775. We are available 24/7 and will help make the entire process as easy as possible.