Steps to Protect Your Packages from Holiday Burglars and Thieves


The holiday season is upon us and for most people it is a joyous time of the year. Everywhere you go you will hear holiday music, see neighborhoods and businesses shining from bright lights, and stores are full of holiday cheer while people shop for gifts. However, while you are crossing off items from your “To Do” list and purchasing gifts for your loved ones, burglars are looking for ways to fill their wish lists. This time of year notoriously has a significant increase in thefts and break-ins. The easiest targets are homes that are unoccupied and vehicles that are unlocked. Insurance might provide some theft coverage, but if you ever get caught in this type of situation, your holiday spirit will no doubt disappear. Here are some tips on how to avoid holiday theft and keep your family safe.

  • Talk to your independent insurance agent. Make sure you have the right coverage. For instance, whether you rent or own your home, you should have the right coverage to safeguard you from theft. If your car insurance is the basic coverage, then it may not be enough to cover theft, damage, or vandalism.
  • Keep an eye on your packages. It is not a secret that online shopping has increased in popularity over the years. Neighborhoods become filled with delivery trucks during the holiday season. If you purchase most of your gifts online, then you might have a higher chance of having a package or two stolen. Here are a few tips to keep your packages safe.
    –     Don’t let your packages sit
    –     Talk to your neighbors to see if they will collect your packages
    –     Ship to a different address
    –     Ship to a store
    –     Require a signature upon delivery
    –     Insure your holiday packages
  • Keep recent purchases out of sight. When you are at home, consider keeping your packages in the basement or closet that are not near the main entrances. This makes it harder for burglars to find them. When you are out shopping, store your packages in the trunk where they cannot be seen.
  • Document your recent purchases. If you purchase an expensive item, take a picture of it for documentation.
  • Lock your doors. If you do not usually lock your car or home, you should during this time of year. Also, be sure and lock your windows to not only keep burglars out but also to keep the heat in.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. When you are out shopping, make sure you look around before getting out of your car. Also, make sure you are holding your keys when you come back from a store and have an armful of shopping bags. This way you can get into your car quickly, or if you become a victim of theft, then you will be able to push the panic button. When withdrawing money from an ATM machine, make sure you scan the area when you pull up.
  • Light up the night. Invest in motion-activated outdoor lighting. Burglars will most likely skip your house if all of the entry points are lit up. Also think about installing smart lighting inside your home, which can be controlled from anywhere in the world and set on a schedule.
  • Secure your luggage. The holiday seasons always increases the number of people who travel by air. If you are one of those people, make sure your suitcases or backpacks are locked. Once you are through security, do not leave your bag sitting at the end of the conveyor belt. Grab your it first and then your shoes.
  • Hold onto your purse. Make sure you have your eye on your purse at all times. The following are things purse thieves look for.
    –     A purse that is draped over the back of a chair
    –     A wallet that is hanging loosely out of a pocket
    –     A purse or wallet sitting in a shopping cart
    –     A purse or wallet left in an unattended and unlocked car
    –     A purse left in fitting rooms
    –     Items left on public coat racks
  • Stuff the recycling bin. Cutting gift boxes and electronics boxes into small pieces will not only help them fit into your recycling bin but can also make it hard for burglars to see what was purchased.

Tough times are upon many of us, especially during this time of year. When experiencing hard, financial times in the world we are living in today, it is easy to make quick, rash decisions that you did not think twice about what the consequences would be. All you knew was that you wanted to provide for your family and see them smile. If you find yourself making a wrong decision that has ended you up in jail, contact Mercy Bail Bonds so our professional team can help you get released in time to spend the holiday season with your family.