The Top Three Things to Know About Bail Bonds


If you, or someone you know, is at risk of going to jail, consider educating yourself on how bail bonds work. Bail bonds can be confusing at first glance and it takes a trained professional to fully understand the whole process. If you, or someone you know, has been arrested, the moments after arrest are not the best time to learn about the process. Educating yourself on how bonds work, prior to jail time, is the best way to be prepared. Knowing exactly what a bail bond is, how much it is going to cost, and where to get one, is the best way to be prepared if you should encounter these circumstances.

What is a Bail Bond?

Instead of holding a defendant in jail until their court date, a bail bond can be used as a kind of contract to release the defendant from jail while they await their court date. Not every person that is put in jail deserves to be there. And the courts understand this. A bail bond is a way for a person to get back to their normal lives while they prepare to argue their case in court.

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

The short answer is that there are typical bail amounts associated with common crimes. The longer answer is that courts will ultimately take the specifics of the case into judgment and decide to raise or lower the amount based on criminal history, circumstances of the crime, and personal wealth. To receive a bail bond, a 10% premium must be paid to a licensed bail bond agent on the amount the courts decide on.

Where Do I get a Bail Bond?

Reputable bail bond’s establishments are located in an office. If someone approaches you near the jail parking lot, claiming to be a bondsman, know that this is illegal in the state of Florida. A valid, legal, bond comes from a licensed agent that has preexisting ties to the criminal justice system. These bondsmen know how the system works and can walk you through the entire process so that an untimely arrest doesn’t disrupt your life for long.

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