What To Do If Your Spouse Is Arrested With Drugs


Being arrested with drugs is a serious offense and can also be scary for his or her spouse who is left to deal with it on the outside.  What should you do if your spouse is arrested for drugs?

The Arrest

If your spouse has been arrested, remain calm.  Decisions will have to be made during this time and it’s always best to try to keep a cool head.  Your spouse will be booked and put in jail until the arraignment, at which time, the judge will decide whether or not to set bail.  This will be dependant on the nature of the charges, prior criminal history, likelihood of fleeing, ties to the community, and whether or not the defendant is a danger to the community or self.  If the court sets bail, your spouse will be released from jail once the bail has been paid which you can do directly or by using the services of a bail bond agent who will put up the bail for a non-refundable 10% fee.  All your spouse has to do is show up in court and the bail will be returned (minus the 10% premium, that’s the bond agent’s fee).

Conditions of Bail

Often, when someone is arrested for possession of illegal drugs, the judge will make a condition of bail that includes participation in a drug or alcohol treatment plan.  If this is not done, bail will be revoked and your spouse will have to go to jail until the trial.

Should You Help?

This is a tough question.  If your spouse has a drug problem, would it be better for him to remain in jail?  Being in jail doesn’t mean he won’t have access to drugs or alcohol and it is not a treatment program and shouldn’t be viewed as such.  Because the court may make treatment a requirement of bail, he may be forced into getting help.  It also may be possible to get a court order to make him go if the court doesn’t include it in the conditions of bail.

Judges look more positively on defendants who take control and get their lives back on track and rehab may be just the thing.  If your spouse can complete the program and get sober, the judge is more likely to show leniency at sentencing.

Get Help For Yourself

Your spouse’s addiction is your addiction too.  Get help for yourself with Narcotics Anonomous, Al-Anon, or AA and learn how to stop enabling your spouse’s addiction.  It is possible to do this out of love and counseling helps.  Do not destroy your own wellbeing because of your spouse’s addiction.

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