You’re Out on Bail. Now What? 

If you were arrested, booked, paid bail, and were released, you may think you can relax now but nothing could be further from the truth. Posting bail means that you promise to not only show up in court but also that while you’re awaiting your trial, you have to abide by the rules outlined in court.  If you don’t, you could find yourself back in jail and this time, you’ll have to stay there until your court date

What You Should Do While Out On Bond 

Continue to go to your job. 

If you don’t have a job, try to get one. There are several reasons why. You have bills that you need to continue to pay and if you have family, you need to continue to help provide for them. If you ultimately serve time for a crime, you won’t be able to contribute to the family bills.  It’s also a good idea to show the judge that you’re a responsible member of society when you undergo sentencing and holding down a job is a good place to start. 

Stay out of trouble. 

Often there will be conditions of bail that include not associating with known criminals or a requirement to seek help for a substance abuse issue. If you’re arrested while you’re out on bail your bail will the revoked and you’ll have to stay in jail until your trial. Do what you’re told, stay out of trouble, and get any help you may need. Staying clean and sober will keep you out of trouble. 

Be on time for court dates. 

The court won’t wait for you and being late could result in bail revocation. It’s a good idea to check the dates and times with the court before your court dates and show up early.  Courts are known for changing dates and venues with little or no notification. 

Be truthful on paperwork. 

Your bail can be revoked if you lie about anything on your paperwork.  

Have neat and clean clothes for court. 

Think of it as a job interview, you want to make a good impression with the judge, attorneys, and jurors if you have a jury trial. 

Keep the peace with your indemnitor.

If someone posted bail for you because you couldn’t afford it, that person is your indemnitor.  It’s not uncommon for there to be a falling out between defendant and indemnitor that can make them want their bail money back and they can do it.  If they do, you’ll have to find someone else who can help or you’ll end up back in jail.

Always listen to your bail bond agent.  

Your bail bond agent is a wealth of information about the courts and how it all works and can answer any questions you may have during this stressful and confusing time.  They’re on your side and want to see you get out of jail quickly and make it to your appointed court dates. They can even keep you updated on the dates and times so you don’t miss them.  

When you’re out on bond, you must keep your life moving in a positive direction and at Mercy Bail Bonds, we want to see that happen.  If you’ve been arrested, call Mercy Bail Bonds at (727)856-7775 and talk with one of our dedicated staff who can get the ball rolling on your release from jail.  We’re open 24/7 and we always answer.