What is a Bail Enforcement Agent?

Formerly referred to as “Bounty Hunters”, bail enforcement agents are licensed professionals who work with bail bondsmen to recover a defendant who has failed to show up at scheduled court dates and may or may not have skipped town.  Often, bail bondsmen are bail enforcement agents and track down the defendant for themselves.

Bail enforcement agents, also called bail recovery agents have existed since the bail system was first developed in medieval England, presumably right after the first time it was discovered that someone who had been let out on bail had run away.  As long as there is a bail system, there will be some who don’t follow the rules and there will be agents to track them down.

Though bail enforcement agents are not police officers, they do have the authority to apprehend and imprison fugitives at any time.  It was decided in the Supreme Court case of Taylor v. Taintor, 83 U.S. (16 Wall.)366,21 L.Ed.287 (1872) which gave them the authority to do so and to to cross state lines in pursuit without legal process.  A recovery agent can enter a fugitive’s home without a warrant but they must carry badges so they are able to quickly identify themselves to fugitives as well as to police officers.

Bail enforcement agents take their job seriously and are highly skilled and often trained in martial arts, weapons, and self-defense.  While a degree isn’t required, they often have 2-year degrees in Criminal Justice, and many are retired police officers or private investigators.  They only use force as a last resort so they first try to trick the fugitive into coming out by making him think he’s won something or talk a family member into convincing him to turn himself in.  Apprehending a fugitive can be an extremely volatile situation and bail enforcement agents want to bring him in with as little force as possible.

 Usually, when a bail enforcement agent brings in a fugitive, he or she will receive 10-20% of the amount of the total bond and they are usually quite successful.  According to the National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents, bail enforcement agents capture 90% of fugitives they’re looking for.

Without bail enforcement agents, the entire bail and bond system would fall apart.  Why would someone show up for court if they could simply run and not get caught? By having bail enforcement agents in charge of tracking and apprehending fugitives, law enforcement to concentrate on apprehending criminals who haven’t been arrested yet.

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